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We hope you enjoyed the Easter break earlier this month and overindulged in a little chocolate!!

Investing can be confusing for most of us and here we look at the nine most common mistakes investors make when trying to achieve their financial goals. 

Ensuring you have enough super to get you through retirement is important. We discover that some retirees are happy to watch their savings grow rather than spend it. We explain what tax implications this could have for beneficiaries.

Knowing the type of lifestyle you want in retirement may be easy but knowing how much it will cost to fund that lifestyle may not be as easy. Find out ways to help you plan for your retirement.

In 2011, government reforms meant early repayment fees on variable-rate home loans were phased out. However, you may still incur an exit or early termination fee on a fixed-rate home loan. In this article, we explore ways to try and avoid extra home loan fees.

Not everyone likes the idea of camping, but ‘glamping’ is becoming more and more popular. Whether it’s a romantic getaway or weekend with friends and family, BIG4 Holiday Parks have provided a state-by-state list of glamping sites within Australia.

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Oliver's Insights – Nine common mistakes investors make

In the confusing and often seemingly illogical world of investing, investors often make of bunch of mistakes that keeps them from reaching their financial goals. This note takes a look at the nine most common mistakes investors make.

Super, death, and avoiding taxes

An interesting finding in the federal government's Retirement Income Review report is that many Australians are dying with the majority of the wealth they had when they retired.

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Many Aussies in the dark about retirement

Whether retirement is a long way into the distance, or just peeking over the horizon, recent research1 shows half of us aren’t sure we’ll have enough money to retire when we want, or even how much money we’ll actually need.

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How To Avoid Extra Home Loan Fees

Exit and early termination fees can put the brakes on plans to sell, to refinance, and to renovate or purchase  an investment property. Here’s how to avoid them from the start.

Glamping across Australia with BIG4

Plenty of BIG4 parks cater to this luxury camping trend, with anything from safari and bell tents to pods, Ozshacks, and even ‘glamtainers’.

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