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The new financial year is just around the corner

The federal budget is done and dusted, the federal election is just around the corner, and before we know it we will be welcoming in the new financial year.

In this newsletter, we have included information about the tax implications of various superannuation strategies. We have also provided details about making downsizer contributions, which could benefit older Australians selling their homes. Please be aware that the results of the federal election may result in changes to superannuation and tax policies.

How do you approach the topic of money with your kids? We take a look at different money parenting styles. And, we delve into how our subconscious affects our attitudes towards money.

Finally, we have included a TED Talk that includes practical strategies for making the most of your time.

If you would like more information on any of the articles below, please contact this office on (08) 8379 3307 or


Geoff Needs

Tax on superannuation

How your super is taxed differs depending on your age, contributions and other factors, so it’s important to understand the different tax implications that could apply to your nest egg.

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Making downsizer contributions into super – what you need to know

Older Aussies can put up to $300,000 into their super using the money from the sale of their main residence, regardless of caps and restrictions that otherwise apply.

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What kind of money parent are you?

Many parents approach the topic of money differently, but could your way of doing things influence your kids’ success?

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How our subconscious affects our attitude towards money

Why you might be finding it difficult to save and what to do about it.

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How to gain control of your free time.

Laura Vanderkam offers some practical strategies for making the most of your time.

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